Chao Yue Medical manufactures high quality Single-Use / Resuable ophthalmic micro-surgical instruments,plastic surgical instruments in our modern factory facility in Huai’an Jiangsu province,China.
We have exported our products to the carelly selected distributors and our instruments have been widely used by surgeons in UK, Germany, France etc coutries
We take our quality seriously which has been showed in our regular production and quality control.
all instruments are produced strictly to the quality standrard and its drawing , and the tracibility system can allow our customer to trace every instruments they purchased. We have also been certified by ANAB with the ISO13485:2003.
We offer orignial equipment manufactuers (OEM) to the custom designed standard , featuring your brand . We have the solid supply of instruments , as we have the capacity to make the delicate micro surgical instruments with high volum.
Pleas contact with us via email : sales or Skype: jason-zhukaitai
Looking forward to builting the success together